Sunday, June 14, 2009


Here is me dancing with two other pandas. I think you already know this but the shortcut for dancing is D. Jumping J. Sleeping Z. Wave W.


Let me tell you what the potions do. First, the Dragon tears potion makes you bigger. Next, the ghost leaf potion makes you kind of invisible. Also, the mouse hair potion makes you small. Last, Snizzle Fizzle potion puts you in a bubble.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Catching Bunnies

Here is me trying to catch as many bunnies as I can.

Dance Around the campfire party!

I decided to do a party at 8:00 pm sharp! The party will take place at the fishing hole around the fire. Hope you join me! Meet you there! I will do other parties as well later!


When I went to Bear Hollow I saw Sheriff!!! Everyone was crowding around him so I could only see half of him.

The Purple Door(Party)

So I went to the purple door but it was too full! So I had to go to the lowest server to get in there.

New Item!

So I went to pandanda and I got a new item! Woooo! Here is what it looks like!